28. Sep, 2022

Scoreboard coming along

A massive effort over the weekend by Andrew, Daryl and Chris to lay the slab for the scoreboard. We expect it to be functioning by the start of the season.

31. Aug, 2022

Officials required

Do you think you have what it takes to Score or even Umpire a game.
Well there are courses available in the next couple of weeks
Umpires course is being held at Redland Rays baseball club on Saturday 10th September and Sunday 11th September. Why not become accredited to be the next umpire for Southern Stars

31. Aug, 2022

Ready for Incoming players

With the season only 6 short weeks away we are looking for players of all ages and abilities. Juniors from U8 upto Masters (over 35), Women (over 15) and Seniors.
We would like to thank everyone who has already signed on to play at Stars this season and encourage everyone to have a go.

31. Aug, 2022

2022 Committee Members

With the AGM behind us the committee has been renewed for the 2022/23 Season
President - Andrew Gallpen
Vice President - Karen Gallpen
Secretary - Karen Gallpen
Treasurer - Rick Waterworth
Registrar - Kath Hammond
Committee Members
Chris Asplet
Chris Hammond
Daryl Hotson
Ashleigh van Gent
Irma Cortez

24. Jul, 2022


The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 20 August 2022 at 12pm at the club house.
Please consider becoming part of the committee.
Proxy forms will be sent out in the next couple of days. To be sent to the secretary 7 days prior to the AGM being held.
all members are welcome.

2. Sep, 2021

Committee Members 2021-22

At the AGM held in August we would like to introduce the committee
President - Andrew Gallpen
VP/Secretary - Karen Gallpen
Treasurer - Rick Waterworth
Registrar - Kath Hammond
Committee members
Chris Asplet
Tiffanie Morris - Social Media
Jason Morris
Chris Hammond
Sarah Bunkum - Social Media
Welcome to the new members of the committee. they have already hit the ground running with many thanks to all who attended the meeting so we could get this season up and going.

4. Aug, 2021

Fee Breakdown

Membership fees for the 20/21 Season
CATEGORY BA Fee BQ Fee Competition Admin Fee Subtotal TOTAL BA/BQ Club fee Total

Adult Seniors Full Season (BQ) $55.00 $127.00 $10.00 $192.00 $198.14 $312.10 $500
Adult Masters (BQ) $45.00 $83.00 $10.00 $138.00 $142.42 $364.76 $500
U18 (BQ) $45.00 $80.00 $6.00 $131.00 $135.19 $269.00 $400
Senior League (BQ) $45.00 $80.00 $6.00 $131.00 $135.19 $215 $350
Junior League (BQ) $45.00 $80.00 $6.00 $131.00 $135.19 $215 $350
Little League Majors (BQ) $45.00 $80.00 $6.00 $131.00 $135.19 $184.82 $320
Little League Minors (BQ) $45.00 $57.00 $0.00 $102.00 $105.26 $144.74 $250
Aussie T-Ball U8 (BQ) $25.00 $11.00 $0.00 $36.00 $37.15 $137.85 $175
Women's GBL Full Season (BQ) $55.00 $93.00 $10.00 $158.00 $163.06 $236.94 $400
Women's GBL Short Season 10 weeks (BQ) $25.00 $46.00 $10.00 $81.00 $83.59 $66.41 $150
Short Program Senior - 6 weeks (BQ) $20.00 $16.00 $0.00 $36.00 $37.15 TBC
Short Program Junior - 6 weeks (BQ) $10.00 $11.00 $0.00 $21.00 $21.67 $28.33 $50
Baseball 5 $5.00 $11.00 $0.00 $16.00 $16.51 $33.49 $50
Challenger Division (BQ) $5.00 $6.00 $0.00 $11.00 $11.35 TBC
Tournament (BQ) $10.00 $6.00 $0.00 $16.00 $16.51 TBC

12. Jul, 2021

Be a Volunteer

Like all other clubs when we have new players we also require coach's, umpires and scorers this is just so games can go ahead. Have you considered being a volunteer for the club? We are always on the lookout for umpires and scorers and of course the all important team coach.
We also require volunteers for the running of the canteen, grounds crews to ensure the field is ready each week for games.
If you think you maybe able to spare some time to learn one of the above roles please do not hesitate to speak to one of the committee members to see when the next courses are being run. We have our very own level 2 scorer who is able to assist in teaching us how to score.

5. Jul, 2021

What a great year of baseball

With the 2020/21 season behind us we would like to thank all our families for being a part of the Southern Stars. We are hoping to see so many returning players for the 2021/22 season. With our div 5 team runners up in the GBL and our ladies 2020 southside Champions. During lockdown in 2020 we saw many upgrades to our field and facility. New lights for night games for juniors where required and Masters on Monday nights. The murals have had a new look about them as well and it has just made the club house so much fresher.
We cannot thank Logan City Council and the State Govt for the grants which were approved for us to have upgrades to the field and facility.
Our committee worked tirelessly behind the scenes ready to make the season happen. A massive thank you to Andrew the club president for maintaining the field during the lockdown period in 2020. the field is always looking great, many thanks to the gents who came down each week, Nathan and Daryl and the volunteers who helped to maintain the facility.
The teams represented in the last season were - Rookie Ball, U14 div 2, Ladies, Div 6, div 5 and div 4 we also fielded 3 masters teams again in the 2020/21 season. our aim is to increase our team numbers which will begin this July with our recruitment.

14. Aug, 2019

Fund Raising begins with Bunnings

The first of our fund raising initiatives begins this weekend with a Bunnings BBQ at Browns Plains. We then are hosting a Spring Fair on the 7th September, which is coming together nicely with stall holders, jumping castles, Marshall from Paw Patrol will be coming along to have a go at t-ball.

7. Jul, 2019

25 Seasons Of Southern Stars - History of Stars

History of Southern Stars Baseball Club

A letter was written on the 16th of November 1994 to the Logan City Council proposing the establishment of a new club in the Western Logan City area for the 1995/96 season.

Since the closure of the Browns Plains section of the Western Districts club, which played out of the Browns Plains State High School grounds, a baseball club had not serviced the area. Therefore, it was proposed for the 1995/96 season that a new club, independent of established club ties, would be formed to fill the void.

After initial discussions with interested parties, a steering committee was formed which included Brett Wood and Peter Oversluizen. It was decided that the new club name would be Southern Stars Baseball Club. The club colours would be Aqua/turquoise (Marlins) tops with silver and black trim, grey pants with black trim, Aqua/turquoise and black cap. The colour Maroon was introduced into the uniform in the 2007/08 season.

They proposed to nominate T-Ball, U/12, U/14, U/16, U/18 and Premier League Division 3 teams for the 1995/96 season. They planned to play their home games at the Browns Plains State High School until the 1997/98 season, then move to a new ground developed on a preferred council site.

In 1995/96 season, the club did blossomed into a very strong club with three senior teams, a couple of junior teams and well over 50 committee and club members. The club added a few more junior teams and more members the next season and had also lodged plans with the Logan council to move to a new field. The club got the go ahead in 1996 to move from the high school to the current location in Regents Park. The Southern Stars Baseball Club moved into their new field at Regency Park, Regency Drive, Regents Park by Christmas 1997. The move proved fruitful, with more junior team being developed and more members joining after the relocation.

This was not the preferred site of the 1994 steering committee, which had nominated the Browns Plains landfill in their five-year plan. Nearly fifteen years on, the Browns Plains landfill on Browns Plains Road is starting to be developed into sporting facilities with the formation of a few soccer and rugby fields and a basketball stadium at the entrance, which is home to Logan thunder.

Over the past seventeen years, the club has grown into the family club we see today, only to improve as each year goes by. Since the club has formed, we have seen well over 500 club members’ come and go; there are a couple of members still here from the beginning of Southern Stars. Compared to the other Brisbane clubs we compete against in competition, Southern Stars would have to be one of the smallest clubs in Brisbane, if not the smallest. This has not been an obstacle for our junior players, with the many dedicated club members and coaches producing young stars that have gone on to represent their region “Brisbane West”, their state “Queensland” and also Australia at the Cal Ripken World series.

Southern Stars: Where young Stars are developed.

16. Mar, 2018

Karen is appointed to Umpire crew for Womens Nationals

a huge congrats to Karen Gallpen
Karen has been invited to be one of the umpires at Australian Women's National Titles
the tournament is being held in Geelong Victoria over 10 days

20. Jul, 2017

sign on days announced

Sign on days start this weekend 22nd & 23rd of July

26. Apr, 2015

new committee

Southern Stars welcomes Thalia Bailey ( Secretary ), Liam Robinson ( treasurer ) & Andrew Burgess ( Vice-President ) to our new look committee Andrew Gallpen was re-elected as President While Karen Gallpen has stood down but will continue as our Junior development officer and as assistant to all our committee members

25. Mar, 2015

We strike again

how's this for a stat. 4 of the umpires at the junior grand finals held at Padres Redcliffe are or were members of Southern Stars Baseball Club that is nearly 50%
pretty good for a "SMALL CLUB" I had the pleasure of basing the under 16 Div.1 game
what a buzz

16. Mar, 2015

Awesome day

What an awesome day at Southern Stars Hundreds of people watching great Baseball, perfect weather & the place looked great and WE ROCKED!!!!!

11. Mar, 2015

Grand Finals at Southern Stars

Baseball in Regents Park has hit the big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are hosting a huge day of Grand Final action this Sunday 15/03/2015
Pacific League A, B & C are on field throughout the day

Slab and footings are in


05.11.2014 10:47


Under 10's wish Owen Wang a speedy recovery
Get well Soon Owen we miss you

05.10.2014 23:32

Karen G

A big thank you to Andrew and Garry who . have both dedicated a lot of time to ensuring the field and club is ready for any occasion. Well done